History: Columbian Exchange (COOKE, HOSFORD, MURPHY, NIKULA)

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Agricultural Marketing Resource Center This site reports on livestock and plant growth, marketing and sales, including maps of production areas. Content written by agricultural universities in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Columbian Exchange: A History of Disease, Food, and Ideas provides a great overview of the Columbian Exchange that you may find useful. Research tip: Press CTRL + F to search for specific words within the article.




The Seven Culinary Wonders of the World : A History of Rice, Salt, Honey, Pork, Tomatoes, Chiles, and Cacao by Jenny Linford

  • The Field Museum is a Chicago museum that provides free digitized information including the history of maize and cocoa.

  • National Geographic offers articles about science, geography, history, and world culture. Check here for the vanilla bean and more.

Search National Public Radio with the key word, “columbian exchange” and find interesting perspectives from authors and social commentators.

Search the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a history on Smallpox or other diseases exchanged during the 15th century.