History: Revolutions (Cooke)


Pro Tip: Begin To gain an overview of your revolution, first read the sources labeled "Reference."

Pro Tip: Search the database for your revolutionary leader to learn about the personal side of things.

Other Digital Resources

French Revolution: This Stanford U. website holds hundreds of digitized images about the French Revolution. Click image to enter site.

Haitian Revolution: Listen to this podcast produced by the U of T about the revolution on this Caribbean island. Click image to enter site.

Mexican Revolution (1910-1920): Search the Getty Research Institute for images from the Mexican Revolution. Click image to enter site.

Latin American Revolutionaries: Search here for portraits, maps, and declarations to understand more about Latin American Revolutions. Click image to enter site.

The University of Kent provides information about the Venezuela Revolution in the form of a linked timeline.

Click on the flag to enter site.

Taiping Rebellion: Watch this video produced by PBD on the rebellion that changed China forever.

Click image to enter site.

Zulu Rebellion: Search this South history site for imformation told by the people of South Africa.

Click image to enter site.

Need More Images?

Britannica ImageQuest

This image database contains easy to cite images on most revolutions.