History: World War II (COOKE, FOUNDATIONS)





El Alamein

Battle of Britain

Bombing of Shanghai

Battle of the Atlantic

Search suggestions:

  • Do not use quotation marks in Britannica ImageQuest

  • For "Battle of the Atlantic" and "Battle of Britain," include "WWII" in your search

  • For "Midway," "Stalingrad," and "El Alamein," include the word "Battle" in your search

  • For "Bombing of Shanghai" use "Bombing of Shanghai 1937"


The Encyclopedia of World War II is a print resource that can be used in the library. Here is a MLA formatted citation for the encyclopedia:

Tucker, Spencer, and Priscilla Mary Roberts. Encyclopedia of World War II : A Political, Social, and Military History. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-CLIO, 2005.