WELCOME! We're glad you're here at LS.

  • The LS Library is fully open to students and operating as we did before COVID.

  • Library hours are 8AM - 3:15PM on school days, except on Wednesdays we close at 1:45PM.

  • If you need anything, contact us at library@lsrhs.net


LS Juneteenth Celebration

June 15 during ACA

in the AB Courtyard

Click here for Juneteenth Info, Videos, and Local Events.

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LS Library Staff

Pascale Cadet: Circulation Assistant

Amy Hutchinson: Budget Assistant

Ellen Chu: Teacher-Librarian

Paula Myers: Teacher-Librarian

GRADE 9 WELLNESS - Please wait until you are directed before opening links:

Activity #1: Evaluate this website for Authority and Purpose (projected on the board)

Activity #2: Group website evaluation