Citation & Plagiarism

Citation & Plagiarism definitions


Citation means crediting information and ideas from others that you used in your research and writing.

Providing information about your sources gives credit for ideas that influenced your thinking and allows others to find and investigate those sources.


Plagiarism is defined as using, closely imitating, or passing off the ideas and words of others as your own.

Even if your plagiarism of another’s work is unintentional, it still is considered theft and a breach of academic integrity.

Most plagiarism can be avoided by citing your sources.


There are 2 significant aspects of avoiding plagiarism; you must do BOTH:

Rewrite (paraphrase) ideas from the source material by changing both words and sentence structure, or providing a direct quotation.

Give credit to the author/source (you must do this even if you paraphrase or summarize).

Citation generators

MyBib (many citation styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago styles)

NoodleTools (MLA, APA, and Chicago styles)