HISTORY: 10th Grade - Civics Project

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Primary Sources

Digital Public Library of America

Boston Globe (ProQuest) (Coverage: 1980-present)

Library of Congress

Life Magazine Archive (EBSCO)

National Archives (after searching, click the “Available Online” tab)

New York Times (Gale) (Coverage: 1985-present)

Time Magazine Archives (EBSCO) (Coverage: Mar 1923-Dec 2000)

Local History Resources

Books / Library Catalogs


LS Book Catalog (find books in our school library)


NOTE: If you request public library books online, you will receive an email when the books are ready. Follow that email's instructions about pick-up.

Minuteman Library Network Catalog

Boston Public Library Catalog

How do I get a public library card?

Library Cards for Minuteman Library Network

Library Cards for Boston Public Library




NoodleTools (see "NoodleTools" section below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: LS Library databases provide complete citations. Just copy the entire MLA 9 citation and paste it into your citation generator:

  • In MyBib: Click More and choose Write/Paste citation (end of list).

  • In NoodleTools: First, choose the type of citation you want. Then, you'll have the option to Quick cite. These directions show more.


Citation means crediting info from a source that you used. To cite, you provide identifying information about the source.

Citation has 2 aspects; you must do BOTH:

  1. Rewrite ideas from the source (change words and sentence structure) OR provide a direct quotation.

  2. Give credit to the source. You must do this even if you put the information in your own words.

Waffle menu with NoodleTools logo


  • Create and organize your citations and notes.

  • To sign in: Log in to your LS Google account, click the waffle menu, and scroll down to NoodleTools (see image on the left).

  • If you need help, please ask Paula or Kiley.

Source Evaluation

Use the SCRAP Test to check that you are using quality, credible sources