History: Modern World - Capstone (Cooke, Murphy, Staysniak)


Screencast: Finding a Source on the UN Website

Use Google to search for your UN website source. Try these searches:

"un.org AND your topic" "news.un.org AND your topic"

How to Generate Keywords.docx

Developing Keywords:

  • Be flexible with your topic keywords (you may need to think of synonyms and related terms for your topic).

  • This graphic organizer may help you generate keywords



As you find sources, note some basic citation information (so you do not lose track of which sources you used).

Most LS Library databases provide citations (below the article, or via a link).

Citation Generators:


NoodleTools (see "NoodleTools" section below)


LS Library databases provide complete citations.

Copy the entire MLA 8 citation which is provided and paste it into your citation generator:

  • In MyBib: Click More and choose Write/Paste citation (end of list).

  • In NoodleTools: First, choose the type of citation you want. Then, you'll have the option to Quick cite. These directions show more.

Citation Basics:

  • Citation means crediting information from a source used in your research. Your citation gives some identifying information about the source you used.

  • For this project, use MLA 8 citation style.

Waffle menu with NoodleTools logo


  • Create and organize your citations and notes.

  • To sign in: Log in to your LS Google account, click the waffle menu, and scroll down to NoodleTools (see image on the left).

  • If you need help, please ask Paula or Peter.