SCIENCE: Solar System (O'Grady)


NASA Solar System webpage (4:45 timestamp)

Discover Magazine search bar (Type your topic in the Discover search bar) (5:58 timestamp)

National Earth Science Teachers Association (NOTE: Page may take time to load and open) (7:03 timestamp)

Research tip: To search for specific words in each article, press two computer keys:

CTRL and F OR Command and F


Use APA 7 citation style.

To create your list of References, try one of these citation generators:

  • MyBib (8:45 timestamp in the screencast)

  • NoodleTools (10:55 timestamp in the screencast)

NOTE: Databases provide completed citations, so you do not need to use a citation generator to cite database articles.


  • Source Evaluation (12:50 timestamp in the screencast)

  • Website Searching (14:25 timestamp in the screencast)

The SCRAP Test is a tool to help you evaluate sources. It stands for:

Solid Current Relevant Authoritative Purpose

For this project, when choosing a website, consider if the source is:


Does the source offer evidence to support the information?

Can you verify the information through other sources?


When was it published or revised?

If it mentions other sources, are those references current?

Is currency important to your topic?


Does it provide the information you need?

Is the depth of coverage and level appropriate (not too elementary; not too scholarly)?


The screencast below discusses looking for info, as well as citing and evaluating your sources.


Recommended Sources

Science in Context: 1:05

NASA: 4:45

Discover: 5:58

National ES Teachers Association: 7:03


General Citation Info: 8:10

MyBib: 8:45

NoodleTools: 10:55

Source Evaluation

SCRAP Test: 12:50

Website Searching: 14:25